CNT Bot is democracy software for digital activists building flat, horizontal networks.

CNT Bot is open source and runs as an IRC Bot on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). It's written in Tcl and its code is fully documented. There is also a video you can watch to better understand how it works.

CNT Bot's key features include:

CNT Bot can be used to replicate political processes found in 1930's Spanish anarchism, the IWW's bottom-up union organization, Argentinian horizontalidad, and Kurdish democratic confederalism. It could also be useful in interconnecting geographically-dispersed Occupy-style encampments. In general, it's helpful whenever groups need to link together to create larger decision-making bodies but don't wish to sacrifice their own independence or autonomy.

CNT Bot is named in honor of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), which pioneered many of these libertarian political concepts in Spain in the 1930's. However, CNT Bot is not currently affiliated with or endorsed by the CNT as it exists today.